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DrDataSaver Data Recovery Pricing

How much will it cost?

DrDataSaver does not charge one flat rate price for all data reocveries because each data recovery is unique.  With thousands of types of storage devices, and many different ways that each can fail, we must perform our comprehensive and detailed diagnostic procedures in order to determine the exact cause of your data loss.  Only after an exact cause of failure is determined can we supply you with a guaranteed quote.  Many small data recovery "shops" do not, or are not capable of performing a detailed diagnostic procedure, and are therefore only guessing at the true cause of failure to the storage media.  Is it worth it to leave your valuable data to someone who can only guess at what the problem is? 

Save Money and Time With Our Detailed Diagnostics:

DrDataSaver performs detailed and comprehensive diagnostics for all failed storage devices FREE OF CHARGE to every client. In order to get a true diagnosis of failed storage media, specialized procedures must be performed by skilled and experienced technicians.  Insufficient diagnosis by other data recovery shops could lead to them performing potentially destructive, invasive procedures costing you more money, and wasting your valuable time. Each client of DrDataSaver will receive a diagnosis describing the storage media failure and any additional issues that the media may have. 

Guaranteed Quote, NO DATA-NO COST:

Upon completion of our diagnostic procedure, DrDataSaver will supply each customer with a guaranteed quote. In most cases DrDataSaver maintains a NO DATA-NO COST guarantee. If we are unable to retrieve your data you owe us nothing.

Emergency Recovery:

DrDataSaver offers Emergency recovery options as well as night and weekend services.  We understand that a data loss can be catastrophic for any business and will expedite our recovery process in order to recover your valuable data and get you back to work.