On Wednesday AT&T announced a security breach which exposed the e-mail addresses of some 114,000 high-profile users of the Apple iPad. According to a statement released by AT&T, the security hole, which was apparently tapped by a research group calling itself Goatse Security, had been fixed.

The researches at Goatse Security announced they had tricked AT&T’s website into displaying the email addresses from iPad accounts owned by New York Times CEO Janet Robinson, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, among other famous media personalities and important government officials.

According to USA Today the Federal Bureau of Investigation says it has opened a criminal probe into the security breach. “The FBI is aware of these possible computer intrusions and has opened an investigation to address the potential cyber threat,” says Jason Pack, Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s National Press Office.

AT&T closed the security hole in recent days, but the victims have been unaware, until now. For a device that has been shipping for less than two months, and in its cellular configuration for barely one, the security breach is concerning. The incident appears to be AT&T’s fault at the moment and could end up further complicating the company’s relationship with Apple.